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Ep. 235- Focusing on the WHY instead of the HOW

May 04, 2023

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So often we get caught up in focusing on HOW to do things. And thankfully we live in such an amazing and abundant world, that we can literally figure out HOW to do anything pretty quickly. 

However, I think we've also become accustomed and dependent on knowing HOW to do everything which ironically has left many of us feeling lost and stuck. 

How- quite frankly- keeps us up in the head. 

When really what we need to do is drop more into the body and uinderstand the WHY! 

When you figure out a why to something- you feel it so differently. You feel grounded. You feel centered and in your body. 

That is what I want to encourage you to seek out more. 

Why are you trying to connect more to yourself? 

Why are you wanting to connect to your emotions?

Sit there. Sit in the unknowing and the curiosity and love of the why- and the how will just simply follow. 

Listen today as we discuss this concept further. 

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