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Ep. 232- How to Make Life Easy When Life Is Hard

Apr 13, 2023

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How does life feel to you right now? 

Life just feels hard. It feels heavy. It feels like this isn't going to come to an end any time soon. 

Are you feeling that way? 

For many people, including myself, life has felt hard lately. When life feels hard, it's not the easiest to see things in a new way. In fact, I often times want you to just validate that things are hard for me. 

And yet, today I want to share one thing with you that can help make hard times easier. 

Hard times for me at least, keep me narrow focused. They keep me stuck in the muck. But when I choose to think of this one phrase- it opens me up to seeing things in a more open way and reconnects me to my Heavenly Father and opens my eternal view. 

That phrase is "Let it be easy".

When I first heard this phrase and tried to apply it to my situation, I felt immediate frustration and anger. Like I said- I wanted validation for what I was going through. Don't try to tell me that what I'm going through is easy. Because it's anything but that in my mind. However, when I checked in with my body... let it process through, I could sense that I was curious on HOW that might be true.

How could this hard be easy? 

It's a curious and interesting question to consider. 

So listen to today's podcast.

Stay open.

Stay in your body. 

Ask yourself those questions. And trust yourself.