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Ep. 236- The one phrase needed to dissolve fear

May 11, 2023

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As we get to know our emotions and our stories more- it can feel like there's a lot to 'fix'. 

It can feel like everything is more chaotic and messier. 

However, I want you to understand that as you start to get to know yourself more, it can feel like it's more overwhelming before it feels more peaceful. You are letting out things that have been repressed for years and years. 

The goal that we must have is to actually learn to acknwoledge more of those stories as being just stories. They aren't you. 

Those emotions, are just emotions. They aren't you. 

This an important distinction to make because if you are your stories and emotions, it makes it very hard to let that let YOU go. 

Today I want to share the process I am in that is helping me to get to know myself even more as well as creating more space to accept all of me. 

Listen today as we discuss this concept further.  

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