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Ep. 216- Having your back in close relationships

Dec 22, 2022

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 When it comes to close relationships, we can fear that if we stand up for ourselves, we will actually damage the relationship. 

So we slink back, hold our tongue and build up resentment, bitterness and hate the interactions we have.

This actually creates damage with the relationship with ourselves.

When we can learn to stand up for ourselves from love, then we don't feel the need to people please, put on a charade, and we also don't have to fear damaging the relationship.

The other person involved will always have their own thoughts. You can't control what they choose to think. But you can always choose the person you want to be in the relationship. Why not do it from love.  


  • Why we struggle to stand up for ourselves
  • 6 ways to work on standing up for ourselves

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