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Ep. 211- What if It All Works Out

Nov 17, 2022

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This discussion piggy backs off of the discussion we had last week about where you attention is. 

One of my favorite quotes I love to use is "What if it's all rigged in your favor".

It really helps to shift my perspective when things feel hard and out of control.

So often we focus on what's not working and focus on all the 'what if's' that could possibly happen. When we focus on those things, what usually happens? We tend to stay stuck in the negative space right? We don't show up as the person we want to be. 

When we flip it to what if it all works out- and choose to see things as happening for us- it shifts how we look at challenges and hard things. 

Listen today to see how you can apply this in your life. 


  • My favorite quote
  • Why so many are living in paranoia
  • How to shift to pro noia

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