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Ep. 193 The Pain Box

Jul 14, 2022

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In Cory Muscara's book "Stop Missing Your Life" Cory discusses a new concept that I wanted to dive into today. The Pain Box. 

The Pain Box- as Cory describes it, is a box we've created over the years because of the traumas we've been through. The box is made up of walls we are protecting ourselves from feeling and experiecning. Those walls could be shame, fear, judgement or any other emotion we're afraid to feel. However, because we aren't willing to go through the pain, we also prevent ourselves from experiencing what we want the most- joy, connection or fulfillment. 

We have to be willing to recognize the pain box, and move through the walls to get what we want most. 

Today we discuss how to do this and why it really does help heal the past and create the full experience of life. 


  • What makes up the pain box
  • What trauma is
  • How to recognize the walls of your pain box
  • What you need to do to move through them

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