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Ep. 191 Taking Control Of Your Life

Jun 30, 2022

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So many times we can be living our life and wonder why it's not going the way we want it to. We can feel defeated, exhausted, and a lot of frustration. We can feel overwhelmed with relationships and circumstances in our lives.

Today I want to share an analogy that will help you take back control of your life.

That analogy deals with a school bus and your life.

Consider your life like a school bus. How many drivers are there on a bus? One. Who decides who gets on and off the bus? The Driver.

So let's consider for a second- who is driving your bus?

For many people it's their inner critic that is dictating where things are going and who is on the bus. We'll call this inner critic your gremlin. The gremlin is trying to keep you safe and play small. It doesn't look at what it does as good or bad. Just looks at it from the point of view of protecting you.

We have to understand that the gremlin is here to stay on the bus. But where it sits makes all the difference.

Where is the gremlin for you? Is it up front taking up lots of real estate? Or is it in back? Who is on your bus? Where are they on your bus? Are there people on the bus that need to be moved?

Understanding this analogy can help you figure out why you've been feeling stuck and how to take control over your life again. 

Listen today as we dive into understanding your life and who is driving it. 


  • Who is driving your bus
  • What the gremlins role is
  • Who also is on your bus
  • How to become the driver of your bus again

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