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Ep. 183- Creating More Self Confidence

May 05, 2022

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Are you confident? How do you answer that question? What do you think about when you consider confidence? Do you think some people just naturally have more of it? 

I actually believe and teach that there's a difference between confidence and self-confidence. Confidence is trust in our ability. This obviously comes with practice and getting good at things. 

But Self-confidence is the thing that lends to us getting confidence. Self-confidence is our trust in being able to handle any negative emotion. 

Now consider that for a second. If that is true, then ask yourself are you willing to feel any negative emotion? What if that were the currency to getting anything you wanted in life? 

Today let's discover how to create more self-confidence. It's not as hard as you think. It's not elusive. And learning this is the key to getting more of what you desire most in this life. 


  • What is confidence and how is it different than self-confidence
  • Where does it come from
  • Why do we lack self-confidence
  • How learning to allow any emotion is the key to more self-confidence 

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