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Ep. 177- Completing the Stress Cycle

emotions Mar 30, 2022

Stress is not a problem. Stress and all emotions have a purpose in our lives. They are the fuel we need to take action and complete our tasks and goals.

However, so many of us have gotten stuck, sick, and overwhelmed because they have stopped their emotion cycle.

Your emotions have a beginning and a middle and an end. It’s like entering a tunnel for the first time. There’s the beginning, the middle and as you keep going you see the light and end. But so many with their emotions feel the beginning, and get stuck in the middle. They hunker down and create all kinds of problems for ourselves.

We need to learn how to complete the stress cycle. And it’s more than just feeling our emotions. That isn’t always the answer. Listen today on how to complete that cycle. 

This podcast is based off the book “The Secret to Unlocking The Stress Cycle” by the Nagoski twins. 


  • What the difference between stress and stressors are
  • How emotions are just like a tunnel
  • What it looks like to be stuck in the tunnel
  • How to complete the stress cycle