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Ep. 219- Tolerance Failure

Jan 12, 2023

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For many people, the biggest hurdle they have to overcome with their goals- is their willingness to fail.

Yep- willingness to fail.

Sounds crazy right? I mean school taught us to do everything but fail. They taught us that actually if you fail you won't succeed. But this is actually the opposite requirement to success.

The more we can build our ability to fail, the faster and bigger we will get to success.

Today, I want to help you build your failure tolerance. When we can grow this tolerance- and yes we can grow it- you will see your success grow as well.

Let's figure this out together. 


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  • What is failure tolerance? 
  • Why are we so afraid to fail?
  • How can we grow our tolerance?
  • Two types of failure

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