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Ep. 210- Where is Your Attention?

Nov 10, 2022

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We've all heard the quote "What you focus on you create"- but do you really understand it? 

This phrase is really crucial to creating the life you want no matter what.

The world is kind of crazy right now. Inflation, supply chain, interest rates, politics. Those thing are all out of our control. However, when we choose to put our attention on the things we can't control- we tend to create more pain and suffering.

Rather- when we put our attention on what we can control (ourselves and our response), then we truly get to live a fulfilled and amazing life.

It sounds too good to be true, but I promise as I've practice watching where my attention is and shifting it where needed, life has been easier despite circumstances. 

Learn to notice where you attention is and how to no longer be the victim to your life. 


  • What it means to watch where you attention is
  • Why it's hard to be aware of
  • What the world focuses on
  • How to check in and see where you attention is

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