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Ep. 204- Gaining a Testimony of You

Sep 29, 2022

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As we grow up, we are taught to build testimonies for ourselves about what we believe to be true.

We build those testimonies through personal revelation.

And with those testimonies we are able to also not waiver when dissenting views are offered. We don't doubt our views.

At this time of year, we are encouraged to watch what we call General Conference for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. And one of the ways to prepare for it is to ask a question that you want answered. Ask it in prayer, ponder it, think on it.. and go to General Conference with an open heart to receive personal revelation. 

I am offering that gaining a testimony of who you are can be a thing we can focus on this time of year. We are so willing to put in the work and effort to gain testimonies about other things in our lives, so what about a testimony is you. Testimony on where you came from and what you're here to be? 

Today I want to share this message in hopes of inspiring you to gain a testimony in yourself. Think of how powerful that knowledge and understanding can be in this life for you. 

Listen in

What You'll Learn:

  • What a testimony is 
  • Where it comes from
  • How to gain a testimony in ourselves
  • What it can do for us

If you're curious about learning how to do this on a deeper level, please reach out and we can discuss what options you have. Learning to believe in ad trust yourself is so powerful. You deserve to feel that way. 

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