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Ep. 203- Acceptance Creates Change

Sep 22, 2022

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So many of us think that in order to accept ourselves or our lives- we have to change. 

However it's the opposite.

We have to accept ourselves, our lives, our past in order to create change.

This is hard for our brain to understand because it thinks acceptance means we have to like it. That isn't the case. Acceptance is just accepting what is. 

Acceptance is the catalyst to change.

So how do we learn to accept more? How do we accept the unacceptable? 

We have to be aware of what we're choosing to think.... and accept those thoughts. All of them. That makes space for change. 

Today let's discuss what it looks like to accept more. 


  • What does it mean to Accept
  • What Acceptance is NOT
  • What Acceptance is
  • How to get to Acceptance more

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