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Ep. 198 Changing Your Relationship With Your Emotions

Aug 18, 2022

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For most of us we were never taught about our emotions. We just knew that when we felt a bad emotions- we needed to either fix it or escape it. But that typically doesn't help us with long term emotional support. 

What we actually need- is to learn how to become friends with our emotions. 

Yep friends.

Most of us wouldn't even consider this as something to try. Because like I said, we have been taught to run from our emotions. So becoming friends with it... are you crazy?

But our emotions aren't our enemy. Actually our emotions are there to support and protect us. They are here for a reason. And pain and bad emotions have a reason. When we become friends with our emotions, we actually change our experience with them. We open up to more of the life that is fulfilling. 

So what is your relationship like with your emotions? Think about an emotion you don't necessarily enjoy or that you plain just hate feeling. Is it anxiousness, fear, embarrassed? What is it? And what do you believe about it?

I can't feel this.

This is too hard.

When you choose to think that way about the emotion, what do you do? We run, we hide, we limit ourselves. We give the power to the emotion.

Learning to examine these emotions for what they are- messengers and our friends, we can start to break down the walls we've put up with our emotions. 

Learn today how to change that relationship with them. 


  • What are emotions
  • What we usually do with them
  • 4 steps to changing that relationship with your emotions

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