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Ep. 189 Opinion vs. Fact

Jun 16, 2022

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 So many times our brain offers us up thoughts that feel like facts. And it's hard to let go of those thoughts because they do feel so factual to us. 

However, the process of learning what the difference between opinions and facts is important. So many people feel stuck with their opinions because they don't understand the choice they have.

Opinions are not facts. They can be proven both true and false, good and bad. That's what makes it an opinion. Our brain, because it's efficient, took a side to our opinions which makes it hard to see as an opinion. We have lots of evidence for our opinion so it's hard to believe we could be wrong. 

But you can learn to be right and be stuck or learn to be wrong and get someplace new. 

Listen today to learn how to piece out opinions from facts. 



  • What is a success hangover
  • How does it relate to imposter syndrome
  • Steps to moving through the success hangover

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