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Ep. 180- Busyness Tied to Worthiness

May 02, 2022

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 I remember as a child getting praise for getting things done. I learned early on that doing things= praise. As I grew up, I created this story and idea that to be considered worthy and valuable, I needed to keep moving, pushing and staying busy. 

However, this is where burnout, lack of fulfillment and resentment is built. 

You will never find your busyness creates fulfillment. 

It will actually just keep you on the hamster wheel longer. 

Learn today where you worth comes from and why it's important to understand. 



  • Where does your worthiness come from
  • How the sun is like your worth
  • How to trust your worthiness NOW
  • What it looks like to not tie your busyness to worthiness and how it makes you actually more productive. 

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