When working harder and longer hasn't provided the results

7 years ago I suffered a series of anxiety seizures that lasted for 24 hours. I was a frog in cool water and didn’t even know it. I knew I was busy- but isn’t everyone? And even with being busy- I didn’t see it as a problem. I actually thought I enjoyed staying busy. The water was pretty cool. It wasn’t too uncomfortable. I could deal with it. So I settled. I believed that my stress, strained relationships, money fears, and massive migraines were all normal. Then one day, the water got too hot. I woke up in a hospital surrounded by doctors telling me I needed to stop my stress and anxiety or plan on a heart attack. I thought the only way to solve my stress was to get rid of it, which only made me more anxious. Maybe I needed counseling, or even medication. Instead I found a life coach and changed my life. Stress didn’t mean something was wrong with me. And there’s nothing wrong with you either. Today I wake up every day energized, in control, and confident. I actually enjoy family events. I have stopped trying to outrun my stress and need for validation with endless to-dos and projects. You can have that too. You can work less and create more.

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